Judgment 16.12

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“Buy me time!” Rose called out.

Easier said than done.

The others were okay, though battered, bruised, and at least one bad injury.  They were standing closer to where the dragon had been impaled, and many of the blades were in their way, forcing them to very slowly extricate themselves, out of fear of dying to a simple slip or fall.

In short, it was Mags, Paige, and Peter on one side.  Buttsack, the Welder and the Nurse were there as well, though the goblin had been gouged by the blade, the Nurse injured in the prior encounter with the dragon.

Ms. Lewis, the possessed lawyer with two deep wounds in his chest…

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Comment Of The Week: The Danger Of The Traumatized Woman

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How is a wounded woman like a wounded animal? PA explains as he hoists the COTW trophy:

A nasty form of red pill involves thoughts of how to act when your woman has been through great trauma, rape or otherwise. A wounded human being is in a shitload of pain, in such cases psychic pain.

They say that you shouldn’t try to comfort a beloved dog that was injured by a car because its pain can cause it to bite you. External-source duress, usually financial, can turn a wife into a bitch.

There was an article a few years after the 9.11 attacks, about a middle aged woman, civilian employee at the Pentagon, who was badly disfigured in the resulting fires and how she copes with life. Her husband (photos from happier days were shown, they were both radiant) had left her after the disfigurement.

I was quick to fault…

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Babies for whom?

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This post is a good example of what I wrote at the start of the year. I got an interesting idea that would require a lot of research to actually flesh out properly, but I don’t have the time to acquire that kind of expertise right now. So I don’t write the post, bury the idea, forget about it, and the world loses a half-assed good idea.

But, you dear readers told me that you can’t get enough of half-assed good ideas, so here it goes. All this adds to what I commented here at Land’s.

Yes, yes, people are not having babies. People in developed countries, that is. We don’t know why exactly, and everybody has its pet theory, but what we do have is a lot of data which we can run correlations with.

Low fertility is most severe in developed countries, but it doesn’t correlate cleanly with…

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Optimizing the effective number of bets – an example using Canadian retail etfs

Anand Jeyahar:

interesting gotta try

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Hello all, It is Christmas time and that means family members wanting “stock market” advice. My usual response is not to do any analysis/advice for family members as I have a rather large extended family (by my last count over 100) and I just don’t think it’s appropriate.

So I have worked up a quick example to maximize the effective number of bets using canadian retail etf’s. I did this quick analysis for my mother ( the one person I can’t say no to), however I would not use this to invest directly as different situations will warrant different objectives and constraints.

First and foremost I would like to thank Ross Bennett for his great work on Portfolio Analytics.

The following code simply downloads some etfs and builds a portfolio that minimizes (1/effective number of bets) (so it maximizes the effective number of bets).

As always this is not investment…

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100 set week 48

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Monday 24 November T 0…

Lunch with T. Nothing planed just happened. Sat next to each other and she was asking questions about me and thinking of making me dinner.

X 350
X 349
X 348
X 347

Tuesday 25 November T 0…

X 346 Approached a girl between shopping malls. “Hey, whats up? Like your style, what are you doing, where are you going… nothing hooks and she keeps walking away. Oh well.

= Easy approach and could have approached three more girls just by the eye contact alone they gave me. Five days left of December and 30 more girls to talk to to reach Five a day.

Had two dates with T and she talked about if it would be possible to me to kiss a girl that had eat meat and how to cook for me. Two dates in, what can she do for me? Time…

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Blame it on Io! A slow-paced introduction to the Io language

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No posts in a week, I have been silent too long. Blame it on Io!

You see, Io is a contagious disease. It affects programmers’ brains. The incubation period is extremely short, due to the simplicity of its syntax. But the damages are extensive, particularly for Algol-derivative programmers: you will end up messed up! Huh… I forgot to mention the vectors include reading posts about Io. I just hope your infection will not be as bad as mine. (If I do not get google hits from E.R. fans with this paragraph, what will it take?)

Yo Io!

First things first, let’s get the token “Hello World!” implementation out of the way:

"Yo Io!" print

Aside from my poor taste in greeting phrases, you probably noticed how concise and simple this statement is. At first sight, to most programmers, it appears to be written backward. Not so if you think that…

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Five Minutes Of Alpha = Fifty Years Of Pining

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Sometimes it’s amusing to hear the Word of CH tumbling from the lips of women with a shred of self-awareness, as they recount their conflicted feelings for the beta males and alpha males of their lives. Here,  an old woman phantom menstruates over the tiniest memory of a cad with whom she had a brief fling fifty years ago at her peak nubility age of eighteen. In her yearning recollection, you will recognize the wisdom of the Chateau.

Dark, brooding and with a hint of world-weary danger, he was a cross between a 19th-century decadent poet and a Hollywood heartthrob.

Chicks dig the dark triad, or a reasonable simulation thereof.

I was just a few weeks into my first term at Newcastle University, and determined to lose my virginity at the first opportunity. I resolved that he would be the one to do the deed.

Betas strugglewoo for years…

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A New Provable Factoring Algorithm

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Michael Rubinstein is an expert on number theory, who is on the faculty of the University of Waterloo. He is one of the organizers of a 61$latex {^{st}}&fg=000000$-birthday symposium being held December 15–19 in Princeton for my friend and former colleague, Peter Sarnak. I guess it is a matter of taste for a number theorist whether to observe a birthday with a lot of factors (60) or a prime (59 or 61). Rubinstein also does extensive experimental mathematics and lists several code libraries below his publications on his website, which also has interesting articles on the math, history, and practice of musical tuning.

Today Ken and I wish to discuss a paper of his on one of my favorite problems: integer factoring.

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கோள் என் செய்யும்! கணித்தேன்!பகிர்ந்தேன்!

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   சமய இலக்கியங்களிலே கோள்களின் வழிபாடும் இறைவனின் வழிபாட்டால் அதை நீக்குவதும் பல இடங்களில் இடம் பெருகின்றன.

வேயுறு தோளிபங்கன் விடமுண்ட கண்டன்
மிகநல்ல வீணை தடவி
மாசறு திங்கள்கங்கை முடிமே லணிந்தென்
உளமே புகுந்த அதனால்
ஞாயிறு திங்கள்செவ்வாய் புதன்வியாழன் வெள்ளி
சனிபாம்பி ரண்டு முடனே
ஆசறு நல்லநல்ல அவைநல்ல நல்ல
அடியா ரவர்க்கு மிகவே.   திருஞானசம்பந்தசுவாமிகள்  கோளறுதிருப்பதிகம்.

நாள்என் செய்யும், வினைதான் என் செய்யும்,
எனை நாடி வந்த கோள் என் செய்யும்,
கொடுங் கூற்று என் செய்யும்,
குமரேசர் இரு தாளும், சிலம்பும், சதங்கையும், தண்டையும், ஷண்முகமும்,
தோளும், கடம்பும், எனக்கு முன்னே வந்து தோன்றிடினே! கந்தரலங்காரம்


      கோள்கள்(planets) நம்மை என்ன செய்யும் என்போர் உண்டு?! நம்மை ஏதாவது செய்யுமோ என்று குழம்புவோர் உண்டு! ஒரு இரண்டுவருடங்களுக்கு முன்பு எனக்கு அந்த சிந்தனை வந்தது. ஓரளவு அறிவியல் படித்ததினால் எங்கோ இருக்கும் கோள்கள் நம்மீது ஏதாவது செய்ய வேண்டுமென்றால் புவியீர்ப்பு விசை மூலமாகத்தான் இருக்க வேண்டும் அதை நாம் கணித்தால் என்ன என்று தோன்றியது.

       எல்லா கோள்களின் தூரத்தையும் எடையையும் குறித்துக் கொண்டேன். பின் இரண்டு 70 கிலோ எடையுள்ள இருவர் ஒருவர் மீது ஒருவர் செலுத்தும் புவியீர்ப்பு விசையைக் கணித்தேன். அதை ஒரு அலகு (Unit )  என்று கொண்டேன். பின்…

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