Gabor Filters : A Practical Overview

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In this tutorial, we shall discuss Gabor filters, a classic technique, from a practical perspective.

Do not panic on seeing the equation that follows. It has been included here as a mere formality.


In the realms of image processing and computer vision, Gabor filters are generally used in texture analysis, edge detection, feature extraction, disparity estimation (in stereo vision), etc. Gabor filters are special classes of bandpass filters, i.e., they allow a certain ‘band’ of frequencies and reject the others.

In the course of this tutorial, we shall first discuss the essential results that we obtain when Gabor filters are applied on images. Then we move on to discuss the different parameters that control the output of the filter. This tutorial is aimed at delivering a practical overview of Gabor filters; hence, theoretical treatment is omitted (a tutorial that provides the essential theoretical rigor is currently in the pipeline).


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